I added a form to an existing template. How do I get that form into existing projects?

I’ve added a fairly complex form to an existing template. How do I get that complex form into existing projects that were created with that template?

This seems like a large oversight if you can’t modify a template and push that update to existing projects.

Hi @todd_mobley , welcome to the forum :wave:

Unfortunately, currently, you cannot ‘push’ any updates of a template to existing projects.

But, without knowing much about your workflow, I would suggest:

  1. you create a project from your template which will act as a ‘master’ project to triage all incoming form submissions
  2. setup the form to include a single-select question which could determine which of your existing projects the submission is for
  3. setup a custom rule for each choice to add the task (created from the form submission) to the relevant existing project.

If you can make this method work, its good because you only have one form to manage for numerous projects, therefore fully scalable :wink:

@Richard_Sather -

Thanks for the reply. How would one “route” it to the appropriate project?

Sure, have a look at the below mock-up of a custom rule (requires Business plan or above)

Repeat the above rule for all options in the dropdown list to add to the relevant project.

You could have the following dropdown options in your form:

which would be connected to a single-select custom field that would look like this:

Note that all options of this field will be visible to the submitter using the form, which is likely not an issue if this is to be used internally.

@Richard_Sather i’m not sure that will work for our use case. Each project represents a different client and the project list is ever growing. I.E. not a static list.

What I’ve done in the meantime is create a new project from the updated template, then added the open tasks from the old project to the new one. Then archive the old project.

Then, since it was a new project from the updated template, the form is there.

Not ideal at all though.

Hopefully there are other requests for being able to push template updates to existing projects under that template.


Ah I see @todd_mobley . In my workaround, indeed, the values in the custom field would have to be manually updated, as well as the corresponding rules which is not ideal if you are creating new projects/clients frequently.

Your workaround is good, however, not ideal if you use status updates; these would be lost in the old archived project now so it breaks the thread. Also you would have to add the newly created project to the portfolio that the old project belonged to, if it belonged to a portfolio that is. Plus, you’d have to remove the old archived project from that portfolio.

I agree with you though, hopefully this will be something Asana will implement in the near future.
In the meantime, I found this existing thread that you can vote on:

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If we can’t automatically update all projects based on a changed template, can we select all tasks in a project to auto-switch to the updated project?