I accidently made myself comment only to a project of which I am owner and can't undo

Hi all, I sent myself an invite to a project to be comment only. But I am actually the owner of the project. Now it shows as the image.

Is there any way I can get full access to this project again?
Would I need to remove myself, or? It looks like a round42 to me. Please help.

That is really weird because you appear as the owner! That is you right? Do you have an admin other than you?

Hi Bastien, no unfortunately not. And I cannot assign someone else to do so. Only option would be to let other people move these tasks (automated) to another project from which we start afresh?

I invited myself (email adress) to see if I could add someone for just viewing the project (which I believe was possible) but I locked myself out.

The Asana support will be able to help you then.

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Joost, I’ve done the same thing, and Bastien’s suggestion is right on the mark. Asana support took care of it quickly for me.


Apparently it isn’t something I can do from my end. It needs to be fixed by Asana Support and they are right on it now.


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