Hurdles communicating with people outside of billing division


I work for the marketing team inside of a large university. All of our clients are based outside of our billing/working division but have the same email domain ( .

When we tested initially, we seemed to be able to add their email address as a task collaborator to communicate project updates to them. They’d receive the Task Update via email and be able to respond to the Task Update directly via email-- no sign in required at all.

As of today, it seems that if they try to respond to the task update email they receive, their responses are sent to a no reply email address (vs. a task specific email). However, anyone with a full Asana Account or Guest Account are able to respond directly to the task update email as the reply to address is now a “task specific email”.

This is a huge problem for us. There are hundreds of people at the university that we need to communicate with via Asana (that otherwise have zero need to interact with the software) and now aren’t able to unless:
–There is a way to set people with the same email domain that operate outside of our division (and therefore department) as Asana Guests
–Or there is a setting that allows us to correspond with people via emailed task updates without an Asana account

If we can’t solve for this (2-way communication with people outside of division overlapping domain), I fear our department head may pull the plug on Asana altogether in favor of another solution.

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I don’t have any insights, but want to ping my colleague @Julien_RENAUD , depending on the answer he might want to update his “Bible” about divisions

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If you add these people as collaborators of a task that is in the division, then the people will not count for a license, even if they are the same domain name.
They will count for a license if you add them as a member of a project that is in the division, or if you invite them to a team.


Ok, this helps.

So it sounds like, in my use case, if Clients want to be able to respond to tasks via email:

  • They need to create a free account using their email
  • We don’t add them to the division, team, or share the project itself to them
  • We then add them as a collaborator to the task or tasks
  • Once added, we can send them updates via the task in Asana and they can respond directly from email w/out impacting billing

Yes, that seems to be correct :+1:

Thank you Julien!

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This is slightly related, but I recently realised that guests can’t email tasks to projects. I had no idea…

That’s a good call out Bastien, thank you. Luckily it does not impact our use case!!

This is actually possible now, sorry for the confusion.

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