How to view Project Start and Project End dates?

Where can I view the Project Start date (earliest start date of the project) and the Project End date (latest end date of the project)? I can find tutorials of how to add start and end dates to tasks, but I cannot find where I can view the overall Project Start and Project Finish date without using custom fields.


Welcome, @Tim_Washington,

You can view and set the project’s start and end date in three places:

  • Project actions menu > Edit project details > opens dialog with dates
  • Project Overview tab > dates appear in the right column
  • Portfolio a project is in > Due date column cell for that project row (if column is not visible, toggle it on in Customize panel)



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Hi Larry,

I looked at all three options and it does not display the correct dates. You can see from the timeline view in the image that the project starts in November '23 and ends in May '24, yet the dates in all three places that you highlighted show a subset (not the complete project). Please help.

Those dates are not intended to behave that way, for better or worse, but you can vote for that feature here:

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Ok, so this functionality does not currently exist :frowning:

Hi @Tim_Washington , as @lpb mentions, for better or for worse indeed, because many clients that I work also expect this functionality, like you do! The project’s date field could be like a metadata field that simply reflects the first and last task within the project - unfortunately it’s currently not.

There is however a great 3rd party tool that does this (and about 50 other things) that Asana can’t do natively, called which let’s you try every feature for free during a trial. After that, you can choose the free version and choose to keep 3 features for free, forever.

Pinging Supersana’s creator, @Bryan_TeamKickstart


@Richard_Sather - thanks for the mention here!

Hi @Tim_Washington - definitely understand the issue you’re having.

We have a feature that does this with 2 clicks per project.
And, eventually it’ll do it with zero clicks. :slight_smile:

How to access the feature after getting the free version of Supersana:
Super Actions > Super Date > “Project date range based on all tasks and subtasks in project”


As Richard said, this is one of several dozen things that Supersana does.

How to get and use :zap:Supersana for Asana for FREE forever:

  1. Add the extension: Go to and click the “Free Forever” license. This will allow you to use all PRO features for 2 weeks, and then when your trial is finished, it’ll let you choose 3 features to keep free forever.
  2. Authorize your Asana account: When you install it, it’ll ask for browser permissions — click Allow. Then it’ll ask for Asana permissions — click Allow (or whatever YES button is there).
  3. Choose your features: Watch the 4-min Supersana onboarding video. Then, turn ON the features you want and leave everything else off.
  4. Lastly, click on the puzzle piece at the top right of your browser (Chrome). Then click the “Pin” next to Supersana.
  5. The feature you are looking for is under Super Actions >> Super Date.

Now you can use the SuperDate feature with 2 clicks per project, and eventually it’ll be zero clicks! (You’ll be able to turn it on and it’ll just run for you in the background!)

You did it! Now you can click the :zap:Supersana logo at the top right and use any features you’d like.

IMPORTANT: It is IN BETA — so we KNOW it has bugs. For that reason, please be sure to test any particular feature on a test project before using it on a live project. :slightly_smiling_face: Report a bug and we’ll usually fix it within 2-3 days.

FREE FOREVER DETAILS: After your trial, if you decide to keep PRO, you can get a lifetime single user or team-wide license for a one-time payment. Or, you can just keep your favorite 3 features free forever.

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Very helpful thank you