How to set up / link projects in Asana

Who can help me? I am new to Asana. Can get a lot out of the instructional videos but still need some tips.

What do I want?
We are a company in the field of sound / light / video productions.
We work with contracts and thereby various teams / stages of export. Each contract has a contract number in our rental program, from there we manage the different teams / people.


Contract - contract number:

  • Sales makes quotation (so different people / teams can work on it)
  • Quotation becomes final, he goes to pre-production / preparation (so different people / teams can work on it)
  • Production therefore the actual export on location.
  • Administrative action.

So I want to create contracts / projects, but preferably not double.

So basically making a list of projects, linking dates and amounts, also wants to keep track of budgets and turnover.

Then at different stages, different people should be working on that, but I don’t want to have to enter everything twice.

How do I set this up?

Thanks in advance.

Welcome to the Community Forum @Rob_van_Hees!

You don’t need to add two task with the same information in both projects. We can multi-home a task in several projects. You will see the task in every project that it is associated with. This is useful when a task might be relevant to concurrent goals and when its due date and completion is relevant to multiple projects. You can find all information and steps to multi-home tasks here.

I hope this helps!