How to set the org(s) if we need two (or more) different SAML integrations?

How should we setup our Asana if we need two (or more) different SAML servers?
(all questions below assume Asana Enterprise)

For example, suppose we have emails that look like and (each of these also works - and

Because they belong to a different country they use separate SAML servers (even different types of SAML providers!).

Right now we have Asana set up for but I think we can only set up a single SAML integration - is that correct?

Then we thought of divisions but as far as I can tell there still is only one SAML (but you have to go through support to set it up) - is that correct? Or would Asana support be able to setup a different SAML for each division?

And if all these do not work, should we split up our Asana to two completely separate accounts/domains? One and one (or many, one per region). Is that even possible?

Thanks for any advice!