How to send the dashboard charts as an email subscription

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I would like to send dashboard charts as an email subscription weekly or monthly

Found an article related to tasks only -


I confirm that this feature is not availableā€¦ only solution to export a dashboard is to make screenshot, or ling the projet to Google Sheet and have the report there.


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We can take screenshots. However, there is a downside that data labels are not displayed on the graphs

@Rakesh_Kondreddy great idea - will you create a topic in the product feedback category? I would vote for it!

@Rakesh_Kondreddy , @TrevorWiser , you could look into using a 3rd party app such as Screenful which produces more elaborate charts and dashboards which can be sent out as reports via email, automatically on a weekly schedule.

Cc @Vova_Kenih

@TrevorWiser - Done moved to product feedback

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