PDF Reporting

Sorry my brain is not working this morning - but is there a way to be able to print to PDF a dashboard once you have created.
We want a way to store a weekly report - love the dashboard and how it looks but don’t want to have to printscreen it.
Is there any way of exporting a dashboard


You can only export individual charts on a dashboard using “Download image” as a PNG file as shown below:

Perhaps GoFullPage or similar Chrome extensions could help as improvements over simple screenshots?



Could we not find a better way - like can Asana not make it possible to “print” the page, like you can print the list page.

Hi @Becky_Manson, just wanted to let you know that there are 3rd party add-ons (including ours) that enable exporting weekly reports in PDF and automatically sending them to the selected individuals. You can see some example reports at Reports — Screenful and learn more about this add-on at Asana reporting tool: Advanced custom reports & analytics for Asana — Screenful

This would be great - but my company is very funny about using 3P software and so often it is blocked, which is why it would be great if it was built into the approved asana version we can use.