Allow Export to PDF and/or PPT for Asana Dashboards/ Reporting

Hi team

I’ve received feedback from a number of customers who really enjoy how easy it is to generate charts and reporting from Asana Project Dashboards, as well as Universal Reporting.

However, they mentioned that there is a lack of direct PDF export capabilities in our Dashboard/ Reporting views. For many of my customers, this is quite crucial as they need to submit regular reports to their management.

I am aware that users can “print” the webpage into PDF, but the formatting for that is frequently wonky and not ideal.

I am also aware that you can simply invite the management team into Asana - however, this may be difficult to justify as management team may not need to collaborate/ use any of the features in Asana, except to view reports.

Appreciate if further advice/ recommendations could be shared here regarding how you’ve worked around exporting reports into PDF.

All said, I would really really love to see a “Export to PDF” button for Dashboards and Reporting soon :slight_smile:


Hello @Jono1 welcome to the Asana Community Forum :wave:

I also recommend having a look here as this might be helpful for you.

Also Bridge24 offers more report and export features.

And also Screenful.


Hey @Jono1 welcome to the Asana community :wave:

Thanks @Andrea_Mayer for mentioning Screenful! Indeed, it can be used to quickly create reports with any Asana data to then export them as PDFs. The reports can also be scheduled for delivery via Email or Slack. Overall, Screenful can help when someone needs to share project insights with their management or clients without inviting them to Asana.

Hi! The IT team let me know that Amazon does not allow us to download screenful and it is not available for me to download anyway to Asana. It would be helpful if there was a way I can export the reporting dashboard to a PDF or excel.

In every Reports Dashboard when you create a new chart, it lets you download the chart’s details. I wish Reports would have more features integrated too just like project workflow.

Downloading the whole reports dashboard would also be great, right now i have to screenshot the whole thing making the whole dashboard smaller with smaller font size.

Hey @Jaro_Necesito,

I have merged your post into an existing feedback request thread.
I completely agree this would be very useful to have. There are a couple of tools which offer downloading reports, have a look here.