How to reveive/integrate Bulk SMS mesages from my provider ( to my Asana Inbox?

Hi, Im new to Asana and can’t figure out to receive SMS messages forwarded by my via API to my inbox. I raised a ticked with Asana support and they directed me here…


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Asana is only providing the API, you need to connect the sms provider yourself to the API, using custom code or existing automation solutions like Zapier for example. Does that help?

Hi Bastien,

Thanks for your message. I understand I need to connect my SMS provider to Asana.

They have set up the API at their end and provided the custom code, along with the associated details which I have included below;

Please see API credentials below:!&password=XXXXXXX&api_id=5992&to=353877668307&text=Hello%20this%20is%20a%20test%20message&from=FreeText

API ID: 5992
User: Bowe22!
Password: XXXXXXX (sent separately) = 4ZX=PnW

What I can’t manage is to plug the above code into my Asana in-box. Can you help me with were on my Asana account I go to do this or point me in the right direction.

Carl Bowe


It is really wide and we can’t replace a consultation with a simple answer on the forum in this case. The Asana API has an online documentation if you want to check it out.

Thank you. I was just looking for were to go in my Asasa account to plug-in the AIP. I will go back to Asasa Support.

I am not sure the support will be able to help, they’ll probably redirect you to the documentation. Do you technical skills?

Oh right, thanks for coming back to me. I appreciate it. I have some IT technical skills. I’m a small business so I have Outsourced IT support services.

That said, I would welcome if you or a person who has experience with this kind of API integration would provide this service for a fee. I don’t expect free technical help.

I am under pressure as customers messages are not getting to me for the past week which is damaging my business.

Im desperate for help so reaching out for solutions.

Thanks again.


Yes you can email me at and we’ll discuss your specific situation!