Customize notifications on API call

We have set up a custom integration using the API. It is all working great except for some issues with notifications.

Is there a way to execute actions through the API such as adding an assignee or marking a task as complete, but specify in the call not to trigger a notification?

We have issues where we add the assignee in our other tool, and Asana (correctly) updates to add the assignee on the associated Asana task. However this adds a needless notification in Asana. Same for marking the task as complete.


It has been asked recently on the forum, this is not possible.

Hi Jabob,

Thanks for your message.

Our SMS provider has set the API and supplied the links, etc. What I can’t figure is how to plug-in to my Asana inbox. That is what I am look for help with…


Hi Bastien,

I only saw your message after replying to Jacob. Do you mean the SMS integration is not possible with Asana?

What I mean is either the integration natively exists, and you can search for “asana sms integration” either it does not and you have to code yourself or rely on tools like Zapier.