Pop up notification information must not display in the Asana inbox

hi All,

We got one requirement which is notification should not display in the Asana Inbox?

Is that possible ? could we accomplish in asana ? could you please advise if any documents is available?

For example: “Reminder: <<Name of Patient’s>> ClinCheck is ready for review”

Notification will be fire only popup notification not in inbox notification.

We also verified browser notification and inbox notification. but all will be available in inbox notification.

Thanks in advance!!

I believe you can’t disable notifications in Inbox at all while having the pop up notification…

Thank you for the reply Bastien!!

but is that possible post a comments for task using API? is that possible?

Yes I believe it is.

Thank you for reply but do you have any documentation for this? please provide us any references that would be great helpful for us!!

Thank you in advance!!

Sure, see official doc specifically this part

Thank you for the information Bastien. Also Please let me know is this possible or not?

can we call / send “Sending a message (inbox)” using Asana API? is that any possible to invoke “Sending message” API from salesforce or other third-party app.

Thank you in advance!!


I believe the Message feature is not available in the API. Correct @Phil_Seeman ?

Right, it is not. (Hoping it will be in the future!)