[Feature request] Endpoint for Inbox activities/events

Hi all

I want to read notifications from Asana and show in a Mac app. In other words, rebuild what’s in the Inbox (UI), but via API. Unfortunately, there’s no API endpoint that let’s me do that.

I tried the /events endpoint, but it doesn’t work. It requires a sync key, meaning I can only get the latest events, not what happened 5 hours ago.

I tried the Search API, but it doesn’t work because it only returns task resources. For example, /workspaces/{gid}/tasks/search doesn’t return stories/comments/events, it returns only tasks.

Webhooks for events could work, but I’m building a MacOS app so webhooks aren’t available. Even if I could use webhooks, if we lost any call (e.g the Mac app is closed), we’d not have a way of loading Inbox activities.

Is there an endpoint that is not listed in the docs?

Thanks in advance :heart:

p.s even if there’s a Zapier trigger somewhere, I wouldn’t be able to plug that into a Mac app, it’d be cumbersome to ask users to setup Zapier to read Asana notifications.

Hi @Alex_Oliveira2 and welcome to the forum!

FYI I moved your post to the API forum section as that’s where we discuss development-related topics.

The sync token allows you to get all of the events since the last time you retrieved them. Couldn’t you store the sync token with your app’s data and when the user opens the app, retrieve everything since that last time?

No, sorry.

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Hey @Alex_Oliveira2, I’d love to learn more about what you are building. Here’s a form to capture your feature request and leave a bit more context on how this would help you build your app . Thanks!

Katy from Asana’s API team