How to move tasks on the board between stages?

Hello, could someone help me, i am new at asana, i am created project, invited my developer to Project with permission “can comment only”, then i created a task for him, but with that kind of permission he cannot move the task on the desk
i have alot of stages on my asana desk

  1. new tasks
  2. analityc
  3. proejct creation
  4. Developing

i would like he can move the task on every stage during his work… he can do that only if i give him a full access to the task/project and after that he will have full access to edit and delete project/task.

How to give access only for move the tasks?

everything are look like i canb give acces to the project something like only as a “super admin” - can delete everything lol and second one is comment only , just read… nothing more…its pretty poor… he have alot of tasks, but he cannot move it with that kind of permission…

Welcome, @ITpeople,

I’m afraid that isn’t available in Asana.

You can vote for that feature here:


It’s a shame, i hoped that i found perfect application for my bussiness, just a 5 minutes ago i was ready to buy a subscribtion, but now i realize that one of my workers can delete all my projects ( for some reasons - drunk, bored, tired, mistake…) in one click! another case - “comments only permission” does not provide a workflow, I’m disappointed that with such a huge and nice functions was not implemented vital basic things…