Make user permissions more granular

Currently there are only two options to manage permissions in a project. Allow a user to edit (full editing permissions) or comment. Can we have something in between? I do not want users to be able to delete anything in my projects/tasks, but I do want them to have the ability to update task custom fields. Currently, the custom fields cannot be edited by the task assignee unless they have full edit permissions.


Hi @Litt and thank you so much for sharing this feedback with us! I don’t think this is in our immediate plans, but I’m sure this is something we will consider in the future! In the meantime, I have gone ahead and slightly edited the title of your post to make it more discoverable for other users; hope that’s ok!

@Litt this is definitely something I would love to see. We should be able to seperate what people can change within a project (edit, create, delete) and then what it can be applied to (tasks, sections, automations etc…). Maybe one day we could even see field level permissions (ie. user can edit the custom fields, user cannot edit due date, user cannot edit assignee, etc… user can only select certain items on a dropdown list. We may not want someone to mark a task as completed, but be able to mark it as started. This one may seem weird, but if you are using the system as a CRM, you may not want some users to be able to close a lead, but be able to change it to a different status. Some of this would likely only be viable at an enterprise subscription of course, but that is fine

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This is a solution that we are also looking for at our company. Particularly, we want at least a third option where an Assignee with Comment Only permissions is also able to mark the task complete. In this use case we have Project Managers who are setting up projects and filling out the assignment, task name, task description, and custom fields on a task but we want the assignee to be able to share updates and work materials AND be able to mark the task complete autonomously.

Please let me know if there is another Product Request that is further along in the dev roadmap to escalate this issue. Thanks!

Just the ability to limit who has access to the form at lower levels than “entire organization” would be a good start. Project level would help, though ideally it would have an option for private forms where I could specify who has access. I have exactly two people that should be filling out my form, and no way to prevent others from filling it out. This is exacerbated by the fact that the forms auto-add “this task was submitted through…” and a form link in the task description for every task, meaning anyone with vision of the task has the form link even if I don’t give it out and the project itself is private.