Additional Permissions

There are only 3 permission fields.
1.) Project Admin
2.) Editor
3.) Commenter

Can we get another permission field made. I am looking for a field that would allow someone to edit a task inside a project but not be able to customize anything within the project. It looks like commenter permission can take away someones ability to edit a task

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Hi @Alex_Hickman , welcome to the forum :wave:

This granular permission is actually possible, but only on an Enterprise tier plan.

From the projects action menu, the below option is only visible to the Project Admin(s):

And clicking on it brings this up:

Note the text ‘The project workflow can include…’, essentially everything in the customize menu…

But you get these options:

So when the option is set to ‘Project admins and editors’, the customize menu seems the same for both these roles.

But when the option is set to ‘Only project admins’, the customize menu is entirely disabled for the Editor:


You can read more about user permissions in the guide here which includes this handy table: