How to manage start date in visual progress charts?



The progress dashboard is using the creation date of the tasks as its starting limit ---- rather than the date the project was created (or when the tasks were added).

Is it possible to use the date added to the project as the determining date?


Some background:

My company uses a 5-6 projects as backlogs for tasks associated with the medium-term roadmap. Every two weeks, we move/add items from the backlog projects to a central sprint project.

I have tried:

  • setting explicit start dates for individual tasks
  • duplicating tasks and deleting the initial task
  • setting a start date for the project.

None seem to work.

If I duplicate the entire project, I get a better visual dashboard. However, I lose some metadata, and would rather not go this route.

Any suggestions?


Image attached.


Great question, @Christian_von_Hasse1. Have you considered using theTimeline view for this visualization rather than the progress view? This would allow you to see the start and due dates for ranges and to visualize what’s been completed and what’s coming up. Let me know if this might work.