Create Start/End Dates for Projects

It would be nice if Projects had start and end dates. In the world of retail, we would consider each product launch/promotion/event a project that has various tasks to bring it to fruition with various due dates for those tasks. But ti would then be WONDERFUL to visually see where that project lives in relation to the other projects.
I have seen some work arounds listed here by adding a task in the project specifically with that info, but that is not ideal. Having a start/end date (independent of the other dates in the project’s tasks) would allow for a Master Timeline that shows ONLY the go-live and end date of projects.
We are trying the work-around of using Milestones to signify the go-live date for a project, but that does not eliminate the the clutter when seeking a top-level view of the business strategy.

Hi @Fuz if you go to the Progress tab of a project there’s an option to create a Due Date/ Start and End date. Is this what you are looking for?



Thank you! Thank you! How long has this been hiding here?!

So the only thing missing now is a Master Timeline that shows these dates of all projects for an executive level view of the business! :raised_hands:


Fantastic! Glad to help. But you are correct about the Master Timeline. It would be nice if Portfolios offered this Calendar/Timeline option since you’re already creating a consolidated view for multiple Projects.


Totally agree! Would love to see a master timeline view across projects!

Regarding a “Master Timeline” one option would be to create a central “project” and simply add parent/milestone tasks from each project to the central project.

There actually is a new “milestone” feature that I haven’t dug into that might make this even more practical.

I’ve not worked in Portfolios, but you could visualize the central project in either the Asana Timeline, or Instagantt, which is a separate web-based integrated gantt chart application.

Not sure if this is a clear description, but thought I would try.

Best of luck.

But I noticed that on the timeline tab, despite setting the start/due dates for a project, you can place tasks prior do the start date, going back for years.

Is there a way to stop that and only show dates the coincide with the start date?