Add "Filter Tasks by Start date" to Dashboards

I want to create charts within a report using task start dates. For example, tasks where the start date has passed and the start date is upcoming.

From looking through other forum posts, I can see screenshots of start date being in the list of date filters in reporting but I can only see Completion date, Creation date, and Due date.

We have the Advanced plan.

Is this no longer available? Or not available on the Advanced plan?

Thank you.

@Lara_Murray I see the same, and we’re on the Enterprise plan.

@Marie @Vanessa_N was this feature removed?

Hi @Lara_Murray and @Jan-Rienk, thanks for tagging us here. Unfortunately, start date is not available in dashboards at this time. I’ve consulted the team to double-check, and we believe this has always been the case in dashboards. Although it is possible to filter by start date in advanced search, this option is not available in dashboards.

@Lara_Murray, do you have an example of older post where you’ve seen start date in the list of filters? I’d be happy to have a deeper look.


Hi Vanessa,

Thank you for looking into this! Here is the post I found:

If this isn’t available that’s fine, I can use the advanced search instead. Would be helpful in the report dashboard though!


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Hey @Lara_Murray, thanks for sharing the thread and screenshots! They’re really helpful. In those examples, the report was about projects, not tasks, and it is indeed possible to filter by project start date. Unfortunately, filtering tasks by start date isn’t an option yet.

I’m moving this thread to our Product Feedback section so you and other users can upvote it :slight_smile:

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