How to make Custom property visible in the org's library? "Completed on" property - editable?


I created a custom field to track the closed date of the tasks that we closed before onboarding to Asana. While I was creating the field, I didn’t add the field into my org’s library. Now I can’t see that (obvious!) in the library. Is there any way I can make it available?

Also, the “Completed on” property, I assume it’s a default one, can we make changes in that field too? Like if we want to close the tasks to some previous date, can it be possible?

Hi @Diksha_Gambhir and welcome to the forum!

Yes! Edit the field in the project, and select this checkbox:


No, that’s a read-only property; there’s no way to modify its date.

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Ah, that was so simple! I just didn’t see the pencil icon :smiley:
Anyways, thank you so much Phil! I just got onboarded :slight_smile:

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