How to live chat with someone from Asana

Recently I’ve had to live chat with Asana support multiple times. Each time, I’ve had problems with figuring out the right answers to the initial questions that are asked in order to actually talk to someone.

From the first message, I responded that I would like to chat with someone. They then ask for context to my issue, to which I said I have an existing customer support issue. The chat then tells me to email customer support and then stops the chat. I cannot reply to the chat any more, even if I refresh or go back into it from a new window. It has locked me out.

However, I already have a ticket in with customer support. I’ve been told that they’re experiencing high levels of volume coming in to them right now and wait times are long (my last email to them took them over a week to respond to). And I know that if I reply to my last email or send them an additional email, I’ll be waiting even longer as my ticket gets sent back down to the bottom of the line again (which seems like a dumb system anyway… if you’ve been seen by the doctor already you don’t get sent back to the waiting room for asking an additional question). So the idea of asking support my question while I wait for a response to my last email is absurd.

I wanted to chat with someone. I literally picked the option to chat with someone. What do I need to do to have a live chat so that I can ask my question and get clarification on some things to help better inform my ongoing conversation with customer support via email?

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Hi @Jonathan_Constant and so sorry for the trouble there, I’ll make sure to look into this and escalate to help inform future support improvements. In the meantime, could you tell us what your questions/issue was? Unless it involves sharing private information, we should be able to help here!

Looking forward to your reply :slight_smile:


Thank you for the quick response. We are working on moving from a team billing structure to an organizational billing structure at the moment. However, there are some people that are on a team that we want to remove from our organization without deleting their team from asana completely. No one on that team has a company email domain and they are not on a paid team. I know how to get rid of individual members, but is there a way to separate this team and everything they have on there from our organization without interrupting their team or deleting their information?

As far as the live chat stuff goes, it seems that support is dealing with too much volume to handle right now and live chat could be a great way to mitigate some of that problem. However, I wonder how many people are having to ask questions through email and adding to that problem because they are getting locked out of live chat or being pushed away from live chat before they’ve even talked to anyone. At least have them talk to someone and make sure that their issue can’t be addressed just with the support offered in live chat.

Thanks for the quick follow-up @Jonathan_Constant. I won’t be able to move your paid plan froma team to the organisation level, but there is a couple of things I can do to help:

People we have on chat are here to give high-level answers, they do not have access to your account details, so they’re not the best people to help you here, our support team will definitely be best suited to assist you. They’re currently working through a high level of requests and take a little longer to reply than usual. With that said, I’ve liaised with them to make sure that you get an answer from them asap.

In the meantime, there are a few things you can do to get prepared:

If this team needs to continue working on their task outside of your company, I would recommend them to create a new Workspace and to use Kothar to copy all projects from their team in your current Organisation to their new separate Workspace. This way their projects will still be available and actionable, but outside of your Organisation.

Once this is done, you will be able to remove these members from your Organisation following these steps. Removing them from your Org means they won’t have access to your Organisation or any of its project anymore (hence why it is crucial to copy their projects in a new Workspace beforehand!).

At this stage, we will be able to move your plan from the team to the org level, and you won’t be charged for this user.

Hope this helps Jonathan, but please let me know if there is anything unclear or if you have any follow-up questions!


Yes that is very helpful, thank you. I do understand that live chat won’t give me the same kind of support as customer support. My question about deleting this specific team from our org was more of a small question that I thought chat could help with. I understand that upgrading and working out the details of that for our organization must go through email with support, which is what we’ve already started. We’ve been communicating that way already. This was more a one-off question. Thanks for you help.

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You’re welcome @Jonathan_Constant :slight_smile: I’ve escalated a task to our support team to make sure we get this resolved in a timely manner. Don’t hesitate to reach out here if you have some questions in the future, we’ll be happy to help!