How do I speak to someone at Asana?

I’ve been on the web for five minutes and cannot a chat option, a phone number, nothing.


Hi Eric,

We’ll be happy to help you here in the Asana Community Forum or our support team will be happy to help you at Asana Support - Help Center • Asana.

Please let us know how we can assist.


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4th menu item over: Contact our Sales Team • Asana

It is frustrating that there is not a phone number or chat option to talk to a live person in emergency situations.


Any chance in the near future that Asana will add a phone support option? Super frustrating to not have the option of talking to a person to understand the different plans/capabilities to evaluate if our company should upgrade to a different plan. We are currently on a paid plan and I still cannot reach a person on the phone.


Hi Christine,

I can understand how that would be frustrating. Based on my observations, they do care. Here is what I was able to find that may help:

Another thing I would try is searching the forum for others who have upgraded their plans to see if some of your questions have been answered. If not, I would post the specific questions as there is likely a few who have valuable insights. I’m new to using Asana and hope to leverage the knowledge of the community to help me find answers to my own questions.

I hope this is helpful.


Yeah, I don’t think they really want to talk to people. I tried their chats and they want to just hang up on you as soon as possible and not really interact with you. I tried their customer support and they wanted a “official business email” instead of my lowly Gmail account. I had to put a fake email and then include a real email in the body of the text in order to even get the form to submit. If they do care, it’s kind of hard to tell. I definitely don’t want to call them, but it’d be really really really nice if they would allow me to contact them through their website somehow. Otherwise, just not buying it.

I should probably mention that this is all because I’ve been trying to keep the money for the last half hour. I am a new client and I’m just trying to give you guys money to end my evaluation and start being a paying customer. You guys make it really hard to give you money

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I couldnt agree more! How is there absolutely no one to talk to or speak with when you’re trying to make sense of complicated settings.


I had sent in a technical support through Asana website request since Nov 02 2023. It is really ridiculous that one of the staff from asana replied with email at first with one sentence each time, after 2 days nothing was solved then he/she was disappeared since then. May I kindly get an advice on how can we seek for technical support please?

Request had been made over a month, the kind of services we are receiving is unacceptable.

Please assist or direct to related staff who can solve this issue.


@renotitude, See my response to you at:

I am trying to find chat option on help page but could not find. Can anyone help?
I need help in accessing another user portfolio in Asana-Mulesoft integration but getting error:
cannot access this portfolio.

Hello @Poorna_Bhide, Asana does not offer support via live chat. You‘d have to reach out via the link provided in the post above.