How to implement project registers?

It feels like I must have missed something, because registers are such a basic part of project management, but I cannot see how to implement a basic risk or issues register.

Is there feature or extension that I can use for this? Ideally one would be able to relate (many-to-many) tasks to entries in a register.

Hi @Lee_Walsh, thanks for reaching out!

I think this is something you can achieve with our Advanced Search feature. You can create reports of how many tasks are associated with a specific field. If this is not what you are looking for, can you give me more details of what you are looking to achieve? :slight_smile:

Emily, thanks for the response.

If I use the example of a risk register, what I need is basically a custom table with each item uniquely identified and mutable.

Project risks and issues are commonly required in project reports. Currently I am tracking these outside Asana, but it would be great if I could bring them in and relate tasks/deliverables to risk/issues.

Every project, team, and company will track project risks and issues differently, but I’ve attached an example of a risk register for a small project with simple reporting needs.

One of the Asana partners in Australia has told me that I can do this by creating a separate project and using the tasks as table entries. However, I cannot seem to relate entries in the ‘risk project’ to tasks in the ‘project project’, which means I am still better keeping it separate in a document somehow attached to the project.

Do you know if Asana has some method of project risk and issue reporting in the works?

Example risk register.pdf (396.4 KB)

Emily, I’ve left the relationship of the example register. There would also be a column for ‘Deliverables impacted’, or similar.

Hi @Lee_Walsh. Thanks for providing the Example risk register. This is always helpful. In regards to your comment below, you can create a register using this method. I’ve attached a brief screen capture to highlight a possible entry per your example.

You can even quickly export this Project Register into a CSV format (Excel):

Regarding your question below :

The best method to do this is with multi-homing. You can read more here:

Finally, another option you can create a Project Register is with the use of Portfolios:
In this case you would list each risk as a separate project (potentially housed within a Register Team), and then pull each risk (project) into the Portfolio for tracking and visibility. An example in your case is below. Note: this does require a Business/Enterprise account.

A few options for you to consider. Given, the traditional format of a project register is likely not able to be repeated in Asana, but there are some options which should work. Hope this helps!

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This is great @Bernie_Orelup! Thanks for sharing :star:

Bernie, thanks for the suggestions. I will have a look and see if I can get what I need.

I try to contain everything within the Projec itself. Create a highlevel Task called RAID Log and then create Subtasks for each new RAID item that surfaces. This allows you to track the status of each item to resolution.

You can create a custom field to categorize the RAID type “Risk, Action, Issue, Decision”. If you prefer to separate out the RAID items by type, create a Section called RAID Log and then create separate Tasks for “Risk”, “Action”, “Issue”, and “Decision”, then add subtasks to each RAID item accordingly.