Has anyone used Asana to run a company-wide risk register?

Hi all - Hope you are having better weather than the UK at the moment!

Before I go about creating a Risk Register in Asana I wanted to check if anyone has done this already or if there is a template available for this.



Most of the templates are inside Asana (when you create from a template) or on Templana.com. We don’t have such a template (yet!)

Hi @Khalid_Sharif. I was thinking about doing the same thing. Did you ever decide to use Asana for a Risk Register or find a template?


I am also interested in risk register template for Asana:-)


Hey @Khalid_Sharif, I was searching for the same thing. Is there any update on that issue @Bastien_Siebman? Thank you!

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No new template like this in my templana.com sorry.

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Hi Khalid,
Drafting up a risk register along with some other legal and RM templates (for better risk integration, and management including operational and litigation risks) is almost at the very top of my personal task list for the office. Despite searching, I can’t seem to find any corporate/commercial RM or governance templates or use cases for Asana. I’ve even wondered about contacting Ashley Best (Asana own in-house counsel) to ask if she has any she might care to share… who better to ask for direction than her? Lol
If you’re interested in discussing developing a template we can both use please let me know.

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Hi ! I would like to check with you whether there is already a template available for a risk register ? Thanks a lot in advance

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You can check yourself using the search engine on the website :slight_smile:

I found this and wanted to share with this group…

Hope this helps!

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That article does a great job of explaining more about a risk register and includes links to templates, but there doesn’t seem to be an Asana-created Risk Register template yet. At least I can’t find one anywhere in the template galleries.

Before I start to create my own, @Bastien_Siebman I wonder if there is an update here and maybe a template has been created by the nice folks at Asana?

Just to clarify, I do not work for Asana :slight_smile: I don’t know anything new about the topic.

ok thanks for letting me know. looks like it would be a good option for a template on templana.com :wink:

Definitely if someone wants to create it!

Just looking into this now and i have adapted our templates to add to project once the risk indicator has been triggered biggest problem i have is getting the project name to copy over as i now have a load of risks which don’t allow me to see which project it is