Risks and Issues Associated to Projects

I would like the ability to track risks and issues associated to a project. Currently, if there is a Risk or Issue, I find the project task or milestone most closely associated to that Risk or Issue, then I use a custom filter to flag that task, and then write out what the Risk or Issue is in the task/milestone description.

I would love a new Tab at the top of the project called “Risks and Issues” where I could track the ongoing status of open risks or issues, and then mark which milestones or tasks are related to those Risks and Issues. If I could drag the Risks and Issues into the Progress Update, that would be great as well!

Hi @Elisa_Elkind and thanks for sharing your feedback!

How do you define Risks and Issue and how do the materialise in you project? Are you using Custom fields? Any additional info would be super useful!

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I replied via the Email and it does not look like any of my text was captured. Repeated below–>

Hi Marie,

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  • Risks may present a problem for our schedule, scope, or budget down the line, but they are not yet impacting the project. The project team tries to mitigate a risk so it does not impact the project.
  • An issue has already materialized and is causing problems for the project scope, schedule, or budget.
  • Please see official PMI explanation here for more details on Risks vs Issues
  • In my project, I currently use a Custom Field to note if a Risk or Issue is impacting a task or milestone. Ex:
    • Then, I define the Risk in the Task Description
  • And, every week when I sent out Progress report for the project… I update an Issue/Risks section in the Progress Report. Here, I find and copy all the updated Risks/Issues from the project into the Progress report
    • This is very time consuming for a real project, when there could be 1-15+ risks/issues we are tracking and that are changing from day to day! (depending on project size). It would be great if there could be a way to drop in Issues/Risks into the status update in a similar way we can do this for Upcoming/Completed tasks.

Please let me know if you have additional questions!


@Elisa_Elkind, thank you SO much for taking the time to share these additional info with us, it is extremely useful! I don’t believe this is in our near-term plans, but it is definitely something we will take onboard for future updates. I’ll make sure to keep you posted here when I have some additional info!