How to get project brief and key resources

I would like to use the API to get the following pieces of information for my asana projects:

  • project brief
  • key resources

I wasn’t able to find information about this in the documentation. Maybe you can help?


Hi @Fabian_Schreiber and welcome to the forum!

Unfortunately those elements aren’t currently available via the API.

@Ross_Grambo, do you think these elements will be exposed in the API at some point? Any wisdom on that? Thanks!

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Sadly no, I don’t think these are coming in the near future (at least I haven’t heard anything). I put in a request to the API team.


Hi @Ross_Grambo!

I’m curious if this is something the API team had any provided any further feedback on, and if they planned to implement it in future?

We use the Asana API to effectively automate our core usage but this is something that is currently missing for us.

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.


Hi @Dylan_Keys,

Ross is no longer with Asana.

cc: @AndrewWong @Matt_Bramlage

Hi @Fabian_Schreiber & @Dylan_Keys,

We are currently building a project brief API endpoint. We anticipate it will be released in November.

In addition to having API parity with the Asana web product, another motivation for releasing this endpoint is to give developers a preview of what rich text is going to look like on other Asana assets in the future. I recommend that all Asana developers (and particularly those that use html_notes or html_text) read and follow this topic about the upcoming (and potentially breaking) addition of new rich text formats to various Asana objects. We will be posting to this thread when we release the project brief endpoint.


Hey @Jeff_Schneider, is there an update on this endpoint being available? Currently there’s no clear way to backup the Project Brief should it get deleted, so having this available in the API gives us one method of automated backup. Thanks!

Hey @Darren_Pinder, the endpoint should be available in January. Is this a common issue? An automated script could certainly back them up, but it sounds like a native product feature to lock them could be preferable.

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Hi @Jeff_Schneider , I saw the project brief endpoint (Project briefs) but I don’t see anything about fetching Key Resources – is that functionality available?

You can get Key Resources via GET /attachments with specifying project gid as parameter parent

Sorry for necroposting, but this question is first on Google for “key project resources asana api”, so I think the answer belongs here :slight_smile:

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