How to fold the each team menus

Above is my screen. You can see ‘team’ is spread out

But when I see this capture, I can see each team menus folded.

How do I do?

Hello @JHBAEK ,

when you click on the arrow beside the team name it gets opened up so you can then see the first team members and projects.

The first 7 team members show on the left sidebar, to view all you’d have to open the team settings

Is that what you are looking for?

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But I can’t find the arrow beside the team name.


I think this might be a test Asana was/is running. See this:

But I thought the test was pulled back and not active now; or maybe it was reactivated?

Did you try refreshing the browser page (I saw that mentioned but may be from a while ago and not help).

Hope that at least explains it. I don’t believe it is anything you can control, I’m afraid.



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I tried to do several times but still same.
Even, my teammates see the same screen of mine.

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I’m afraid either you’ll have to write and reference this thread, or perhaps @Forum-team can suggest something?



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