how to find a rule that's assigning me tasks

We have a joint team project that is auto-assigning me every new task when it’s created. There is no rule running in that project that assigns the task, and it doesn’t show a rule ran. However, it auto-assigns me the task and it sends me an email that the Project Owner assigned me the task, even when I’m the one who created the task. Why is it doing this? I’d like it to stop because we use this project for a lot of tasks that aren’t mine.

Hi @Heather_Beaudoin and thanks for reaching out!

Can you share the history of one of these task (history of the task can be found below the description) to help us understand what is happening here.

Can you also confirm if the task is multi-homed into another project?

Looking forward to your reply!

Hi Heather! Is there a form in the project that is creating tasks? If so it may be in the form setting itself. There is a setting that allows you to automatically assign a task to a person when the form is submitted. To verify, at the top of the project click

  1. Form
  2. Settings
  3. You can see (example below) if that is what is triggering the task to be assigned to you.


All I did was create the task. It’s not multi-homed when it’s created… the Projects column is empty for the new task. No rules ran on the project when I created it.

Where else might a rule be running that would do this?

Thanks for the thought. There’s nobody listed in that setting. We’re not using the form so it’s just the blank default.

Hi @Heather_Beaudoin
Would you by any chance creating the task from within your My Tasks view?
Any new task created in that view will be assigned to you.


No I’m creating the tasks in the Ops Overview project, and it’s auto-assigning each task to me. It doesn’t show that it’s homing it in another project. It doesn’t show that any rule has run in the project. I’m at a loss to figure out where I put a rule somewhere that is impacting this project.

@Heather_Beaudoin, If it’s a rule, it must be in one of the projects that the task is a member of, so those are the places to look (in those projects’ Customize menus).

Hope that helps,