How to delete repeat task in asana

Hey everyone. I have a problem similar to this one. I have a task that gets created automatically by Asana and I am unable to stop its repeat creation. I have tried to delete the task permanently, and even tried to unsubscribe myself from it, but I continue to have this task automatically created each week.

The solution discussed in the thread linked, suggests that there should be a “never” option in the dropdown menu of the due date. This option is not available.

Is there a solution to this?

Hello @Dumisani_Ndubane, welcome to the Asana community forum :wave:

Are you checking the current open task? Because if you are checking an already completed task it won’t show anymore.

I recommend copying the task title into the advanced search so you can find all relevant tasks and then check the due date of the open ones.

This is how it looks like when the task is set to recurring

To remove the repeat just click here.

Curious to hear how it goes

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Helllo @Andrea_Mayer , thanks for this response. I have already tried to remove repeat, as well as unsubscribed myself from the task. I think that this task was created by someone else in my team and in this case they would have to be the ones removing the repeat right? The problem is I don’t even know who, and Asana wont show me.

Screenshot 2022-02-10 at 13.50.28

Did you try copying the task title into the search already? To see what open tasks show up that have the same name?

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