How to create a custom field that is LONG text (like the Description field)?

I must be missing something, but how do I make a custom field a long text area (ie multiple line, with rich text formatting).

On tasks, we want to ask for things like Detailed feature explanation, Steps to Reproduce, etc. These don’t work on single line short text fields.



Hi @benny1234,

That’s not available for custom fields, only for the Description field (and Comments).

Note: Not a solution but marked as such to elevate a key reply


Had you considered using Subtask Sections (Tab+N) for Steps to Reproduce and other categories, and then you people could put each step as a Subtask (which wraps).

That approach won’t let you use rich text, so you could also format the Description (as Phil mentioned) with headings, bullets, etc. as another way to go.

Either approach can be made into a task template for easy reuse.


Thanks Phil. Are you aware of any workarounds? It would be extremely helpful if there was a way to format text in the custom text fields. Thx!

Hi @Alex_Nazarkov,

No, not aware of any workarounds, sorry.