How to Copy Task "Template" but Keep Assigned Users?


I have set up Asana tasks on a template, half assigned to me and half to my V.A. - When I copy this template for a new task how do I get the assignees to remain? Right now they copy with no assignee.


When you copy the task you have the option to select asignee (need to click option-not default). See picture below:


Is it possible to change our company default setting for “copy task” so that Assignee and Followers are checked every time a task is copied? We would very much like to make this change to prevent having to re-assign tasks that should always be done by the same team member for repeated processes.


I have the same question as Jori. It would save me a lot of time by not having to check those extra boxes every time and be able to control the default settings for those check boxes.


@Jamie_Delaine_Watson I think you should create company Templates, not a template project. If memory serves, templates vs copy templates will allow for pre assigned members to tasks and such. There is the benefit as well that everyone in the company can create a project from saved templates with assignees, due dates, task dependencies etc all pre defined. Read up on that here: