Collaborators and Subtasks Disappear when Assigning Copies of Tasks

Hi there!

My team uses the Assign Copies of Tasks feature (here: when having managers review and approve timecards.

On these tasks, we have collaborators and subtasks. However when a copy is made, the copy loses all collaborators and subtask assignees. Only the parent task assignee copies over. Is there a way to keep all those on the copy?

I have attached an example of an original task and then the copy, where you can see the collaborators and subtask assignee is missing. Apologies, but info is redacted on the examples.


Hi @Colleen_Callahan :wave:

Indeed, I do notice the same behavior, and I wouldn’t expect that…
I have no idea if that is a bug or the way this feature works.
(and the guide doesn’t say : Asana tasks - understanding the basics | Product guide • Asana Product Guide)

As a workaround, you could always use rules to automatically assign the newly created task to a series of collaborators.

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Welcome, @Colleen_Callahan,

And in addition to @Arthur_BEGOU’s good answer, consider also Task Templates instead of duplicating tasks:



Hi @Arthur_BEGOU and @lpb! Thank you so much for the suggestions and welcome, my team will take a look at both to see what may be a best solve for our setup.

(And if anyone knows other suggestions/solutions, totally open to it as well.). Cheers!