How to be notified and track Subtask

So. I just missed deadline on a subtask assigned to me.

No notifications. No find-ability. No Filters to subtasks.

How in the world do I become 1) aware that a subtask is assigned to me when the main task belongs to someone else? 2) How do I keep track of it?

It seems the only way to be notified is when a teammember assigns me a subtask is outside of Asana(slack, email etc) and the only way I can track a subtask is outside slack(unless I duplicate the subtask as a main task, but I can’t duplicate it if I don’t know it exits)

just frustrated because 3 team members needed my help, assigned subtasks to me and I have no idea they needed help. No notifications, no findability.

Please advise.

Hi @Steven_Sun

Any task (parent or sub) that is assigned to you will show in your My Tasks. There you can take action with Rules, albeit limited at the moment.

If you need that sweet, sweet Slack integration (and who doesn’t), then in your My Task, set a Rule that when any task is assigned to you, add to another Project. Steven Tasks (private). There, all the tasks will be parent tasks and you can then create Rules such as Slack notifications.

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