How to automatically create a task based on another task being overdue (late payment reminders)


I have created a rule in Sales Pipeline where when i move a project to INVOICE SENT. It automatically creates a task in 30days for our accountant to check if its been paid.

I would like it to automatically create a subtask 14days after that IF the 30day notice task hasnt been cleared.

Is this possible?

It would be something like
Create subtask after 30days > If task still open, create subtask after further 14days

Any help appreciated!

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Yes, like this:

  • Triggers (add multiple triggers with little “+”; specify all, not any, must be true)
    • Task is overdue
    • Assigned to (if needed)
    • Task added to section Pending or some custom field is Pending (because you can’t trigger on Incomplete state)
  • Action
    • Create new subtask (due date +14 days; assignee = )

Hope that helps,


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Amazing thanks

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