Is there a rule for this? I've searched online but have not found anything helpful in my case....

We have three main Sections in Project; Open tasks, Hold for later, and Completed.

One our fields is a status field where one option is to select “Holding off until next week.” Right now if status update gets selected then it moves it from “Open Tasks” to “Hold for later” section.

Is there a way to set up something like, After 7 days of being in the “Hold for later” section then place it back to the “Open Task” section & change the status to “Not started?”

Hi @David_Lopez1 and welcome to the forum!

No, sorry, currently there are no date-based triggers which operate like that.

@Phil_Seeman and @David_Lopez1,

It’s a hack, but Phil couldn’t David use Flowsana to add a subtask to the task upon the trigger of field change to “Holding off until next week” and maybe assign to an admin with a due date +8 days? Then let auto-task promotion take over and generate the reminder notification after 7 days?

There would be an immediate notification of assignment to ignore I’m afraid. And also if the task was actioned prior, you’d want to unassign or delete the subtask to clean up.



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@David_Lopez1 and @lpb,

Very clever, Larry! Yes, I suppose he could set something like that up.

Unless I’m mistaken, it would really require Asana Business or Enterprise (to be able to set the due date on the subtask, Flowsana doesn’t do that - yet).

@David_Lopez1, what Asana subscription level do you have? I can explain in more detail what Larry is suggesting if it’s relevant.