How to automatically create a new task when one is complete?

I am looking to set up that when a task is marked complete it automatically generates a follow-up task. (I want this only to apply to tasks in a specific section.)

Is those doable?
Are there any workarounds?
Does anyone know how to create this in Zappiper?

I believe Asana won’t allow it natively as Rules don’t have the action to create a task. You can only create a subtask or create approval subtasks. So you’ll have to rely on other solutions indeed. You can refer to my post to find solutions that would help (“Create task” in “actions”) The Asana automation bible: all the triggers and actions from Asana, Zapier, Flowsana, Integromat & Automate

For Zapier the action will be available directly in the zap. The hard part will be the trigger because you are waiting for a specific task to be completed correct?

Does this help?

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@Bastien_Siebman thank you for your reply.
Correct the challenge I’m running into is the trigger… Not sure to set that up…
I want that when certain tasks are completed a follow up task is created… If you have any thoughts on how I can build this I would appreciate it…

What I would do if I were you:

  • I would have a rule in Asana that would say "if task is completed AND custom field X value is Y, then multi-home into project A
  • in Zapier I would have a trigger “when new task added to project A, then create another task”

You just have to define what X and Y are :slight_smile:
Is this clear? :thinking:

I can see this working!

@Phil_Seeman can such a rule be created in Flowsana?
" if task is completed AND custom field Sections value is Maintenance, then multi-home into project A"

Flowsana doesn’t yet support multiple trigger conditions; it will in the future, just not yet…

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