How to attach full-resolution video to existing task from the iOS version?

I work for a mobile game company and for some of my bug reports, I need to attach a full-resolution video to demonstrate an issue. In this case, it’s an issue with a character model’s eyes that’s clearly visible on the phone. Before some time last year, this always worked, but recently, when I try to attach a video, the resulting attachment, ironically called “FullSizeRender.MOV”, is extremely low-resolution. My phone’s native screen capture resolution is 1920×1080 and when I attach the video to a Skype channel, the resulting attachment is indeed 1920×1080. However, when attaching to an Asana task via the Asana iOS version, the resulting attachment is only 568×320, so it’s lost much of the resolution that causes the issue to be as clear as it is on the phone.

How do I attach a full-resolution video to an existing Asana task on iOS without uploading to Skype, downloading from there, and attaching in the desktop web browser version of Asana?