Image upload: How can you prevent downsizing of images when attaching to tasks?



when I upload images to tasks, I noticed the bit depth of the image automatically gets downsized (e.g. from 32 to 8), so it´s a smaller file size. However, this leads to images looking grainy and low quality (we attach images to tasks e.g. to brief for landing page creation). Does anyone know a way to deactivate this function, so image files can be exchanged in its original resolution? Thanks

Attached Images Compressed to 480x480px from 1080px and up

Hey @Daniela_Merk, I had never noticed that. Thanx for the info.


Wait is this true? I’m using Asana with our art director in another city and he uploads art drafts to Asana. @Alexis can you confirm that this is true? If it is, basically one of the reasons we moved to Asana is out the window.

I wonder if this is with jpegs and/or PDFs. We even give him higher res files via uploads in Asana.


Hi @Patrick , I asked more people within our own organization using Asana about this behaviour and they haven´t noticed this - maybe it´s a specific setting in my user account? If it is, I would like to know how to deactivate this. I´ve seen this happen with jpg and png (using Chrome).


You’re right. Asana compressed all our attachments to 480x480 px, which were originally 1080px

Planning to move back to Trello now :confused:

Attached Images Compressed to 480x480px from 1080px and up

We recently moved our content calendar management from Trello to Asana, and after a few days, we noticed some issues with image quality.

After being clueless what was causing that for a few days, we checked the before and after sizes of attachments to Asana. And, noticed Asana downsizes and compresses each of the attached images to 480px.

I was surprised to see there was no option to keep the HD versions of the attachments. Have moved back to Trello for now. Who knows when this might get fixed.

Any one else facing a similar issue?


Hi Rish,

Sorry to hear about this trouble, it definitely doesn’t sound like expected behavior to me. Asana ought to generate a compressed, smaller version of your image for thumbnails in Asana, but leave your original attachment unchanged.

Is this an issue you’re having when you attach these images via the Asana API or are you experiencing this within the Asana UI?


Hey! Thanks for your reply! I actually checked with my team. It turns out the person was taking the images right from the thumbnail.

You’re right. The thumbnails are compressed to 480px but the original attachments are not affected.

Love the product! :slight_smile: