How to Assign all Tasks in a Project to One Individual

Trying to duplicate a checklist for onboarding and would like to assign all tasks in a project to one individual.
I notice when using the duplicate function all the task ids are new so I can get a list of them but any neat way to just assign on project creation?

Hi @mechandi - welcome to the forum!

If the tasks in the source checklist have assignees and you want to copy those (which I assume is NOT the case in your scenario), then you can copy the assignees using the include=task_assignee option.

But if you’re wanting to just assign the new tasks in the new project (which I think is your scenario), then no, there’s no shortcut - you’ll have to retrieve the new tasks, loop through them and assign each one.

Thanks for confirming Phil, thats disappointing but figuring out how to pull the tasks id’s into variables and then do get requests to update each task, going to be a long script…