How to always open the timeline in day view?

Hi Asana! I’m Javier, a game writer from Mexico City. I’ve heard wonderful things about Asana.

How to always open the timeline in day view? The default weeks view doesn’t work for us.

Thanks a lot!

¡Hola @Javier_Rayon! welcome to the forum :wave: :grinning: :mexico:

If there is a specific way you and your team prefer to sort tasks in a project, for example Timeline view, you can save it as the default view for everyone:

  1. Click the three dot icon in your project toolbar
  2. Select Save layout as default

Once a default view has been set, you will see it every time you access that project. You can do this for List/Board, Timeline or Calendar view.

I hope this helps! Let me know if I can help you with anything else!

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¡Hola Emily! :wave: :grinning: :us:

Thanks for the suggestion! My preference would be:

  1. Default when I open the project: list view.
  2. When I open the timeline view, to always show first a zoom-day level view.
  3. Make these my personal preferences, not my team’s.

I know 1 is possible, but what about 2? Thanks helping an Assana newbie!


I see what you mean, @Javier_Rayon! It’s currently only possible to save one view as default, for example, if you save your List view view as default you won’t be able to save your Timeline view to show a zoom-day view as default as well. I think this is a great request! Thanks for your feedback.

Lastly, regarding your 3rd point, default view are applicable for the team level. I suggest you to upvote for this feature in this thread: “Save default view just for just me” Option for Projects

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You rock Emily. I understand and thank you.

Javier Rayón

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