How to adjust due dates on multiple tasks?

I’m a project manager and often have the need to highlight a large number of tasks and bump them out be a certain number of days.

Up until last week the SOP was to go to “list” view, sort by due date, uncheck the “sort within sections” box, then select all the tasks(with either ctrl or shift) and let my mouse hover over the “due date” column.
I could then use the up or down arrow on my keyboard to bump all tasks by day. This kept the relative due dates the same. It didn’t adjust subtask dates – so not perfect – but still workable.

Looks like an update to the “sort” feature just came through and I can no longer do this. I know a workaround using the “timeline” view is possible, but it’s less than ideal for a number of reasons.

Anyone know the correct(or at least a functional workaround) way to select a large number of tasks and bump them all by a set number of days?

Hi @Sam_Goodhue , you can still sort by due date by clicking on the header of the column. The sort button has recently shifted to the left, near the Add task button.
Check out the release notes here:




Thanks for your reply. I’m aware that the sort by due date functionality is still present.

It seems that when the multi-sort feature was rolled out it eliminated the functionality of being able to select multiple tasks and move them out as a group, one day at a time.

Again, this used to be available and was handy because it kept the relative task dates the same and allowed the user to press the up arrow or down arrow on the keyboard and move the entire group out a certain number of days.