How should I structure the workflow for a multi-location church Comms Team?

Hi everyone, new to Asana here!

I’m currently structuring our Asana workflow before we move our team from ClickUp (which was great, but just seemed too complex for what we need).

One thing that I’m unsure about is the inability to group projects into folders (or maybe this can be done, but I just don’t know how yet). We are the Communications Team for a large, multi-location church, so our projects can vary from creating brand/promo for an upcoming event at a single location to creating sermons series assets for all locations to redoing our website to completing weekly Mailchimps to moderating our app.

I would like to group our “internal” work away from the Marketing Requests that we receive from different personnel at different locations. And it would be nice to also subgroup those marketing requests by location. So, ideally, I’d have folders that are something like:

Marketing Requests
-Project from _____ location
-Project from _____ location
-Project from _____ location
All Church Initiatives
-Project for upcoming new vision launch
Website & App
-Project for new website launch
-Project for new app launch
-Project for Student Ministry rebranding
Sermon Series
-Project for upcoming series graphics
-Project for another upcoming series graphics
Social Media
-Project for Student Ministry Reels
Weekly Tasks
-Project for Mailchimps

…SOMETHING like this. How can I make this happen in Asana? The way that Asana has a “Project” right now feels too “big” to have for every single marketing request that we receive.

You could handle this by having two Teams: One for internal work, one for Marketing Requests. (Both Teams can have exactly the same set of members.) Then it will be clear that internal projects live in the Internal Work team etc.

Also see Streamline your organization: Effectively organize teams, portfolios, projects, and tasks within Asana

It will help if you stop thinking about folders, as that mental model won’t get you too far, and just think about the structures available in Asana, and your overall goals.