Best practices for a multi location dental group

Hi, I am with a 6 location Pediatric Dental/Orthodontic dental group. Our executive level team has been using Asana for the last year and have enjoyed using. We have expanded the app to our location managers, billing department, procurement officer and marketing team. We currently have our projects created around our different departments. For example, we have a project named “Billing Team”. All tasks, thoughts to discuss at our monthly meetings, etc. pertaining to billing are dumped in this project. I can’t say we really have “projects” in our industry that have a definitive end date, rather we just have ongoing tasks that never really end. We feel that our number of projects that we have created has gotten somewhat out of hand and we are not sure if we are thinking correctly on how to best organize Asana for our needs.I want to correct this and setup appropriately before we create too large of a monster…Does anyone have any suggestions? Thx in advance!

Hi @Baker_Chambliss there are lots of different ways you could approach this. If you do feel you need support to help relaunch, set up and standardise you could look at engaging as Asana Partner such as myself at Generation Digital to help you get these ongoing process workflows and structure set up. If you are interested send me a pm.

The first advice I would say is to think about structuring your teams and depending on your licence level portfolios.

Thank you. Can you still create Teams in asana? I do not see the option any longer.