How My Company Uses Asana



If you are interested in how other companies use Asana, here is how my company uses it. My team of five Engineers and BAs use the Kanban methodology to manage our workload. I created some standard Kanban columns; however, we don’t use Kanban Work-in-Progress (WIP) limits. Asana doesn’t support WIPs, but I’m not sure that we would use them even if they were supported. In lieu of WIPs, we use icons/emojis to call focus to our most important initiatives. You can probably guess what each emoji represents, but if not:

  • Hair on fire - Top priorities set by our stakeholders
  • Timebomb - Not quite a top priority but important enough that it’s tic, tic, ticking until it gets prioritized or it blows up
  • Fireman - The poop hit the fan, requiring a firefight
  • Whack-a-mole - Important requests that randomly appear but cannot be ignored
  • Ponder - To-be-prioritized by stakeholders


That is so cool :+1: I am amazed at how people are creative with a tool as generic as Asana! cc @Alexis you’re gonna love this

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Thanks for sharing @John_DiFini, I love this!


I would love to start using this “Shoddy Idea” emoji, but I don’t think the stakeholders would find it as funny as I do.
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