Asana board for visual management

We’re exploring visual management and dynamic work design for organizing new project ideas. A typical visual management board is made up of stickies on a wall, which move through phases of development. I have created an Asana board for this, but would love to hear of any example or best practices, as I am still figuring out how this might work. Thanks.


@Deb_Gallagher, This is a great use of Asana. A kanban / Scrum style board is very flexible. Asana has a few limitations concerning this, but I think many addressed with plugins and workarounds.
First is the use of estimates. A simple extension I use is Storypoint for Asana.

The second option is to use custom fields to correspond with the process stage and the column name. Then use flowsana to automate the process.

I have many more ideas if you are interested.