Agile Kanban Software Development

Hi there. I work as a product manager and we develop a cloud based platform. I am really curious how people working in this same space use Agile Kanban. The problem I am having is that we have multiple projects, or rather, multiple sites, and I would like to see and manage all on the same board because there is overlap.

Do people create separate board for each project, or a master kanban board? How do you manage scoping/estimating, moving items through design, differentiating tasks for different projects, etc.

Any examples you can provide would be great. I am looking at this wondering if I should keep using Asana or just move over to Jira because I really don’t want to have to manage tons of boards, and then complex project connections for each board.

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I believe @Marquis_Murray can help, he recently did a video about Agile in Asana.


Hi Westin, welcome to the community!

Great question. I’ll ask, are you using Portfolios? Along with the boards at the project level, Portfolios is what my team uses to manage the different stages/phases of each project or board. We typically set up individual boards for each project and use rules/automations to stay on track and keep the team up to date.

Within Portfolios, we also use custom fields extensively to keep everything organized.
I have a video on how I do Scrum in Asana that may help you to understand how I create these workflows and run proper sprints. I know it’s not exactly kanban but it’s very similar and it might give you some ideas.

Here’s the link.

I’m also open to connecting on a call if you have other questions.

Cool. Checking out the video now. I have been bouncing between Kanban and Scrum as options, but am trying to avoid the sprints possibly because we are small and handling immediate needs/bugs seems like a real challenge in a scrum sprint cycle.

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Totally understandable. A lot of what you’ll see in the video can be translated to kanban and integrated with the Portfolios feature. Feel free to book a time to chat so we can walk through your specific case. Happy to connect.