How can I get department-wide visibility with kanban projects?

Within my department, we’re supporting different units of our business. We’re planning on migrating onto Asana but I’m not sure what the best practice is for organizing our projects/portfolios. We take ad-hoc requests, but we also have larger projects we work on as smaller groups.

How can I build a system that allows for us to:

  • Operate with a kanban-style board setup but also have backlog grooming sessions
  • See the progress of our epics and the tickets that fall under it
  • Have a roadmap of all our projects (I assume I would use portfolios for this?)

Hi @Michelle_ym

A Zoom might be better to answer specifics.

Yes. Using one project for backlog that will move to development project once approved??
Yes. Although not in the same sense as Jira
Yes. Correct, portfolios