Using Projects as Departments, Rather than Projects as Projects.

Hi all,

We currently use our projects (on the left tab) as departments, for example = Preproduction & Production are listed as projects.
I know this is incorrect generally however its become helpful in the way when you go onto calendar all of the ‘projects’ are visible & completion dates visible in one area for everyone to view.

I’m trying to setup asana correctly for my company, however haven’t found a solution for having an overview of ALL projects on a calendar for if we were to use projects as ‘projects’ not as departments. for example we have 50 projects on the go and that’s a long list. Can anyone advise on whether there is an overview of all projects?

Hi @Thomas72 ,

Based on your description, I don’t think what you’ve set up is necessarily “wrong”, as you’re using projects as a sort of team backlog/task list. We do something similar for some of our teams.

That said, usually, those tasks originate from a larger, unified effort (project) and get multi-homed into the team backlogs (we do this with rules). This allows us to keep track of the unified project and each team’s work sliced up how they would like.

What specifically are you trying to accomplish with your dates, and do they need to be in a calendar specifically (not necessarily great if you have a bunch of things on the same date) or could you use a timeline view? Portfolios are helpful for grouping projects (including by “team”), but they only support timeline view, not calendar.

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