Anyone have any project naming conventions they can share?

Hi All,

I lead a creative team that was only partially managed with Asana. We’re now moving the entire team over to Asana from a clunky enterprise project management solution that shall go unnamed.

A big challenge at the moment is sorting out how to setup a project naming convention that allows for projects to be easily searchable within Asana.

For instance, we manage creative requests from marketing managers across five different geographic regions. So we need to easily showcase where the request originated from, the type of asset, and the asset title, and somehow magically encapsulate it in a semi-succinct naming format.

I’m not asking to solve for our specific problem, but wondering if there’s anyone out there who has had to solve for a similar problem in their own teams.

Thanks for listening.

Hi @Ezekiel_Rudick, thanks for reaching out!

A project’s name and description needs to provide context on what the project is and what it is looking to achieve. I recommend you creating custom templates to save time on future project setup and ensure that everyone is following the right processes, names and establish conventions. For example, you can create a template project for each geographic region.

Another tip is that once you establish conventions with your team, store them in a project for everyone to reference, as well as for future new teammates. That way, everybody can be on the same page and refer back to your team conventions after you’ve decided on them together.

I hope this helps! Let’s see if other users can share some examples :slight_smile: