🎨 Get more Agile using Asana

Hi folks and welcome to another Asana in Practice video! :tv:

Are you trying to be agile and use sprint planning in your processes but don’t know where to start when implementing these in Asana? Is your team spending too much time doing work-about-work and not focusing on strategic and creative work that makes an impact? :dart:

Well this video aims to highlight how you can start to think about implementing an Agile process in a practical sense using Asana in order to get things done.

:green_book: Here are additional resources on Agile in Asana that should help you out:

If you have any additional questions or best practices to share on using Agile processes in Asana, feel free to share these in the thread below! :smile:


thanks for the video, really useful. Do you think that the methods described here would work for a scenario where we have one team (with subteams) working on multiple projects with different stakeholders. So multiple projects (and backlogs) feeding into one consolidated sprint board. I guess multi housing could do this?

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Hi @Ed112, thanks for reaching out! 100% - I think that this would certainly work. You could have the separate Backlogs and Sprint Boards as mentioned and have one main Sprint Board (maybe with a custom field highlighting the subteam - similar to what is highlighted in this video) with everything in a sprint from each subteam multi-homed (which could be triggered through a rule).

This additional Asana in Practice video on Rules may help you out further with this. We also have one coming very soon on Multihoming so feel free to stay tuned!


this sounds very promising. I’m going to try and mock it up and present it to my team.

Love to hear it @Ed112 ! Feel free to share how it goes here afterwards!

This was very helpful, especially the portfolio portion, thank you!

What I’ve struggled with after using many Agile/Scrum friendly softwares and moving to a company that uses Asana is the lack of basic scrum/agile features that many of those tools possess:

  • Column WIP Limits
  • Ability to hide columns (otherwise I keep the backlog as it’s own separate project
  • The ability to start and close a sprint
  • The concept of clearing the board once a sprint ends (currently need to move all items from a done column to an archive project
  • Task visual indicator for number of days in a particular column


  • Burndown charts
  • Committed vs. completed charts
  • Cumulative flow chart
  • Items added after sprint start identification

I am enjoying Asana but would be a lifer if these concepts were available and less manual/hacky/or not present at all.

Really need this feature.

thanks for the video, really useful.

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